Summer Reading Adventures

Have you ever heard the saying, “Reading takes you places”?

Well, I believe that over the summer this saying goes both ways– you can take your books with you on your travels, or if you are staying home, books can take your mind on a trip to far away lands like Narnia, or whisk you away in a magic tree house.

Let’s use this space to keep in touch over the next few months about our summer reading. Every Monday, I will post “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?” and I hope you’ll reply with what you are currently reading or your favorite book of the last week. On Thursdays, I plan to post book reviews or ideas for summer reading. I hope you will join in and share about books!



6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Adventures

  1. Claire Marie says:

    I finished ‘Roxie & the hooligans’! I love it! šŸ’œ šŸ‘ She saved her self & the hooligans from Rat & Snake eye! She gets stuck in the trash can.

  2. Chiara Krishna-Reddy says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg I just finished the book Nancy Clancy Secret Admirer.It was a great book to read. because Nancy and her best friend Bree try to put two teenagers together. It was very surprising for what happens at the end of the book.It is a very fun book. I would recommend it to the girls in the class. I really hope they like it. Happy Reading!-Chiara

    • Hi Chiara! When I first read your comment, I was picturing Nancy Drew. Then I looked up Nancy Clancy and figured out that it’s part of the Fancy Nancy series. Very cool! Did you read Nancy Clancy: Super Sleuth? Happy reading! šŸ™‚

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