It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hello, Wonderful Readers!

Well, it’s not actually Monday, but with the long weekend today FEELS like Monday. So, what’s everyone reading?

Over the weekend, I finally finished an adult non-fiction book I’ve been reading for quite awhile, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It is the amazing true story of famed runner Louie Zamperini, who became an American POW in Japan during World War II. It was fascinating, and I highly recommend it to the moms & dads out there (sorry, almost-third-graders, this one is not for you). 

Today I read one of the folktales many of you took home from school with you last week, The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz.


Have you had a chance to read it yet? It is a funny adaptation of the classic Three Little Pigs story. I love that it’s told in verse, and I love the message that persistence and perseverance pays off. I love the author’s choice of words, and the illustrations by Dan Santat bring the story to life!


Second Graders,  OOPS! I mean, Wonderful Readers, think about why the third pig, the sister was successful. What did she do differently than her brothers? What’s the setting of the book and how did the location change the story?

Finally, what new and interesting words did you notice as you read? I noticed quite a few– techniques, mastered, expert, persisted and earnest. If you read these words but wasn’t sure what they meant, try using context clues, swapping a word you know, and looking up a definition in the dictionary or online. I promise you’ll understand the story even better if you take the time to notice new vocabulary words. 

If you enjoyed this book, you may also like to try:


Susan Lowell’s The Three Little Javelinas, a Southwestern version of the classic folktale.


Or Jon Scieszka’s The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, a hilarious (and classroom favorite!) version told from the wolf’s point of view.

If you like these funny, fractured folktales, look for more books like this at the bookstore or your local library. There are so many great versions out there! Happy reading!

What are YOU reading today??? Please comment below!




23 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  1. Liza Walker says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg. It’s Liza. This week I’ve been reading Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew – Mall Madness. I’m about to finish it. Right before that I read NDCC – Babysitting Bandit. I really like this series!

    • Hi Liza! I’m so excited that you’ve been reading so much! I LOVED Nancy Drew when I was your age, but I haven’t read any ND&CC. I better pick one out of our classroom library and give it a try! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. What’s next on your TBR (“to be read”) list? If you’re sticking with mysteries, maybe some A-Z Mysteries?

    • Thanks, Carol, for getting me in touch with Corey! Her website is great and we now follow each other on Twitter. I’m excited for her new book, Ninja Red Riding Hood, to come out in July. Thanks for commenting & for the retweet!

  2. Liza Walker says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg again. It would be nice to try some A-Z Mysteries. I have some new books that would be good to try. I also know a series called Dragon Keepers. i have read one. It was good!

  3. Claire Markwalter says:

    I’m reading Warriors.I finished Harry Potter a few days ago!I,m Claire M. I am also aimost finished with my Warriors book! It’s called, Dawn ands the third book of the second seires!!

    • Hi Claire, did you love Harry Potter??? There are so many Warrior books, I can’t keep track! Glad you are enjoying them. I saw another series called Survivors that looked similar. Have you seen it? I haven’t read it so I can’t recommend it, but it looked like a series you might enjoy.

      • Claire Markwalter says:

        Survivers is also by Erin Hunter and it’s the same thing as Warriors but with dogs.Warriors is a saga so it has four different series of books about the same thing.

  4. suchihomes says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg, This is Chiara I am reading Judy Moody Girl detective.I really like the book because it is a mystery book.It has a lot of suspense.Last week I read The One And Only Ivan it is based on a true story of a gorilla named Ivan.He was a celebrity in the Atlanta zoo but he died.But he did live a long life, he lived till he was fifty.He was first raised in a house with a man and a women.I recommend Judy Moody Girl Detective to the class.I hope they like the book.Happy reading.-Chiara

    • Chiara, I just LOVE Ivan! I read it last summer (I think) and it is a great story. It really makes you think about how humans treat animals, doesn’t it? I’m glad you are enjoying Judy Moody! Keep up the great reading!

  5. Jay Decker says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg, It’s Jay. I liked The Three Ninja Pigs a lot, and I was interested in the glossary at the end and especially the word “aikido.” I also really love The Summer Camp from the Black Lagoon that you gave me, and when the main character in the book went canoeing, he played with a friend a game where they were explorers and someone was Sir Francis Drake! I have been reading a Marvel Spider-Man book which has 6 books in 1. I also love and recommend the Dragon Keepers series, and I am on book 4. Bye – Jay

    • Hi Jay! Yes, the Japanese words were so interesting, and I love that the author included a glossary, which you don’t always see in a fiction book. I’m glad you liked the Black Lagoon book, too. How funny that Sir Francis drake was in it! I love connections like that. Dragon Keepers is going on my TBR (“to be read”) list now, too. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Claire Marie says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg,

    I’m reading ‘Roxie & the hooliigans’! Poor Roxie, she gets bullied by the hoolligans.

    I totally love it and really recommend it!

    Claire Q.

    • Claire, I’ve never read this book, but I LOVE Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I will have to check it out. I was reading about it and wondering if it’s a fantasy? Do the kids really end up on a desert island or does Roxie just have a really big imagination? So glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂

      • Claire Marie says:

        Mrs.Steinberg, Roxie really does get stuck on a desert island. As I read I’ll tell you more! I wonder if it’s a fantasy too.

  7. Leah says:

    This is Leah, and I am reading Super Fudge and Double Fudge and Puppy Place Mocha! They are all good! I miss you.

    • Hi Leah, I miss you, too! I LOVE Super Fudge! It’s so funny. I love Fudge’s silly songs and how he torments Peter. I know you’ve already read Ramona, did you read The Mouse and the Motorcycle? That’s another great book that I think you’d like. Happy Reading!

  8. Claire Marie says:

    Mrs.Steinberg, I’m reading ‘How to draw like a fashion designer. I’m goning to tell you about Anna Sui, she keeps her drawings!
    I miss you!

    • Ooh, that’s so cool! I love that you are branching out and reading non-fiction! Anna Sui is a great designer. I can think of some of our 2nd grade friends who would enjoy that book, too! Miss you back! 🙂

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