Making Connections

When I posted “IMWAYR” earlier this week, I tweeted the post to maybe get a wider audience than just our class. I was pleased to be retweeted by some school friends and some Twitter friends.

One Twitter friend (my class knows @missmac100 and her awesome class in Alabama) even tagged Corey Rosen Schwartz, the incredibly sweet and wonderfully talented author of The Three Ninja Pigs. Corey generously offered to send us some Ninja Pig goodies that I’ll share with my former 2nd graders in August.

I was excited to make this connection on Twitter, and now that I follow Corey (@CoreyPBNinja), I know who to tweet when my class reads her books! Today Corey sent me this tweet:

Click on the link to see the awesome book trailer for Ninja Red Riding Hood, which is coming soon to a bookstore near you! Now, if THAT doesn’t make you want to read, I don’t know what will!

In class, we talk a lot about making connections between books we’ve read. It’s often easier to make connections between book in a series or books by the same author. Not only can I make connections between The Three Ninja Pigs and other versions of the classic Three Little Pigs folktale, but soon I will also be able to make connections between those “Kiya!”-shouting Ninja Pigs and a new character, Ninja Red Riding Hood. I can’t wait to read it!


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