It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


I always have a big stack of books on my night table in my bedroom. Some of the books are adult books, some are children’s books, some are “teacher books” or professional books. The stack is always there, but the books change as I finish them and take them to my classroom or move them to a bookshelf. I also always have unread books on my Kindle just waiting to be read.

My husband, on the other hand, does not have a book stack on his night table. He often tells me that he’s just not really a reader. Although he doesn’t often read books, he is definitely a reader. He reads the newspaper, sports magazines, and he’s obsessed with travel blogs. He reads online often. When we go on vacation, he will usually bring a few books about the places we’re visiting.

As I thought about my reading over the weekend, I realized that even though I read a lot of books, I read a lot of other things, too. This weekend, I read:

  • Several cooking blogs
  • Bon Appetit and Food Network magazines
  • Some articles about container gardening when the boys and I planted tomatoes
  • Several pages of The Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary to my boys at bedtime
  • A swingset catalog
  • A few emails, lots of Facebook status updates and tweets

I also read a book, The Magician’s Elephant, by one of our favorite authors, Kate DiCamillo (more on this later in the week!).

So, what did you read this weekend? Books, magazines, blogs, recipes, instruction manuals, catalogs, the newspaper? What are you reading today?

Think for a bit about the things you read that are not books. I bet you’ll realize that you read a lot! I can’t wait to read your comments!

Remember almost-Third-graders (and other readers, too), when you finish reading a book you can write a short book review, and I will post it on the blog! Include a little bit about the book (but don’t give away the ending!), why you liked or disliked it, who else might want to read it. 




6 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  1. Claire Markwalter says:

    Hi Mrs.Steinberg!!! It’s Claire M. I’ve read a lot of signs on the road when we were on the way down to the lake. I’ve finshed my book to so I’m on to the next!!!!!!!!! It’s a series so I can’t do a book review.The series is called Warroirs and is a really really etc. good series.

  2. Liza Walker says:

    HI Mrs. Steinberg! It’s Liza. I have started a new series. It’s called Dragon Keepers. I might of told you the first time i posted. I’ve read the first one before. It was good. Now i am on the second book now. It is pretty good! And i can’t wait to read more!

    • I’m glad you’ve found a new series! It seems like Dragon Keepers is a good one! I know you like mysteries, and it seems like now you’ve found a new genre– fantasy. This might open the door to some new books to try. Happy reading!

  3. Jay Decker says:

    Hi Mrs. Steinberg – It’s Jay! I saw that Liza is reading Dragon Keepers — well, so am I. I am on the fourth book right now. I also started two new books. First The Shark Wars, which I have just started. Also a book called Hoot which has a bunch of really funny characters. I previewed it on the inside of the book cover. As far as things I read that are not books: I like magazines and catalogs like Boys Life and also any Lego catalogs. Bye – Jay

  4. Hi Jay, sounds like you have a few new books you’re interested in! I read Hoot and really liked it. The author, Carl Hiassen writes some books for adults and some books for kids, which I think is cool. Hoot definitely has a strong message from the author. Would love to talk more about it when you’re done to see what you thought. Previewing the “blurb” on the inside cover or back of the book is always a great strategy! Happy reading! 🙂

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