Stepping Out of My Genre Comfort Zone

Whether I’m reading children’s books or adult books, I tend to stick to the same genres over and over. I love mysteries, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and occasionally fantasy/folktales/science fiction.

This week, I decided to step out of my genre comfort zone and read a sports book. I was browsing on and saw the Ballpark Mysteries series by David A. Kelly. The books looked like the perfect fit for second graders who are interested in sports and need a series to hook them. Since I’d never read these books before, I ordered the first book in the series Ballpark Mysteries #1: The Fenway Foul-Up and read it this week.



You may have noticed that although the book is about baseball, it’s also a mystery (one of my favorite types of books to read). The mystery hooked me right from the first chapter, and I enjoyed reading all of the interesting facts about Fenway Park, too. I definitely recommend this book to first, second, and third graders who like sports, mysteries, or both. I bet if you like Magic Tree House books and also like sports, this is a great series for you! I’m so glad I found this series; it will be a great addition to my classroom library next year!

A few other books for you sports fanatics:



I love Peter Golenbock’s Teammates. It’s a terrific book about the real-life friendship between Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. The story deals with the themes of racism, prejudice, friendship, and courage.


Baseball’s Best: Five True Stories is a non-fiction book with five short stories of baseball legends. Great reading for the sports lover in your house!


Becoming Babe Ruth is the true story of Ruth’s childhood and rise to baseball fame. Beautifully written and illustrated by Matt Tavares, this book is a winner for any baseball lover.

What genres do you like to read? Do you ever step out of your comfort zone to read something new and different?


6 thoughts on “Stepping Out of My Genre Comfort Zone

  1. Stella says:

    Hi Mrs.Steinberg it’s Stella.
    I have been reading great books this summer. I read a book at sleep away camp and
    I loved it!! It was called Magic Ponies A Special Wish by Sue Bentley. I thought that it was very magical!💖 I also finished Emily Windsnap And Monster From The Deep it was a little scary but I enjoyed it! I was thinking I could step out my comfort zone and read some of the sports books you suggested! I hope you have a great summer! -Stella

    • Hi Stella, I’m glad you are having a great summer and reading so much! Magic Ponies and Emily Windsnap do seem like they’re your kind of books. Have you tried stepping out of your comfort zone to read something new? Happy reading! 🙂

  2. Maya Todd says:

    HI Mrs. Steinberg, it’s Maya.
    I’ve been reading a lot of different books this summer too. I read a book called Heaven Is For Real about when a boy went to heaven and came back. His name was Colton and he got very sick on his birthday when he was turning four. It was really fun to learn about God and Jesus. God answered Colton’s father’s prayers and sent him back to his dad safely. While Colton was in heaven he saw his big sister, his great grand father, Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist, King David, Samson, Peter, John and Jesus’ mom, Mary. By the way, the book was written by Colton Burpo.

    My mom and I found the official website to learn more. Check it out. I also just purchased the Heaven Is For Real app and I hope it’s fun! -Maya, rising 3rd grader!

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