Summer Reading Plans: My TBR Stack

Happy summer!

School has been over here in Georgia for well over a week now. My family and I just got home from a week at the beach. Yesterday was consumed with unpacking, grocery shopping, and lots and lots of laundry. Last night, as I finally sat down to relax, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting back to this blog and summer reading.

So, I thought my first post should be about summer reading plans. Throughout the school year, I always have a list of books that I want to read, but just don’t really have time to read. While I do read a lot during the school year, many books get set aside to tackle over the summer when I have more time.

I have two “To Be Read” lists– one is the stack of books I keep on my nightstand and the other is the list of unread books on my Kindle. Both include a mix of children’s books, grown-up books, and professional books that I want to read.

I do not go in order and often add books to the list. The list never really ends… I just keep adding to it. I always have something new to look forward to reading!

TBR stack


Kindle list

So, how do I choose what to read first? I really pick the book that I am most interested in or excited about reading. This week, I am reading this big, beautiful Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo that came in the mail while I was away last week. I love book mail.

2015-06-02 13.05.53

The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo, published by Heinemann

How do you choose what to read? Do you have a plan for your summer reading life? Share your TBR list or book stack in the comments!

Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Plans: My TBR Stack

  1. Nancy Streacker says:

    What a great idea for a blog! We have low shelves all over our playroom for easy access and a set shelf for the new unread books to choose from. My “list” for books to get is in a document on the desktop. Mostly I can’t help myself from just buying a must have and placing it on the to be read shelf. When my son was younger and read picture books we had two big wire book displays so 20 books could be seen from the front cover on each and enticed him to pick something out that attracted his attention. At the moment we are reading some old classics….Alvin Fernald series. Happy reading!

  2. Peter Buckley says:

    Hello. This is not my mom it is me.(Peter) I herd about the blog earlier (A.K.A Class Meating) So…
    I wanted to drop by.!.:) The book that i am reading is the “who was” books! I have learnd so much from them! my favorite “who was” was gandhi. (I am also beging my mom for a kindle and iPad!) Do not worry i will come back to the blog soon and see you when school starts again! HAPPY SUMMER!!!

    • PB! Happy summer! I am so happy to hear from you! The “Who Was” series is pretty cool, and it sounds like you have a new favorite genre– biography! Why was Ghandi your favorite? Any other reading plans? Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

  3. I was just talking with Betsy Hubbard about Jen Serravallo’s book earlier today. It sounds like a real gem. (So is Jen!) I’ll have to get that one sooner rather than later.

    I’m in the midst of reading The Unstoppable Writing Teacher by Colleen Cruz. I spent a good chunk of my morning engrossed in it.

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