It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?: Non-Fiction Edition

I didn’t post last week, as I was out-of-town learning at Teachers College in New York. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s Summer Institute. I posted this last year right after the Institute and it still rings true, so I thought I’d repost. Happy reading!

Steinberg Second


Good morning, Readers!

I just got home from an amazing week in New York at Teachers College (see last Monday’s post for details). I did a lot of reading related to my class work, but as I thought about the week, I realized that I did a lot of reading exploring the city, too. I bet it won’t surprise you at all that approximately 95% of my reading was informational text to help me navigate and learn about New York.

I read:

Subway maps and schedules:


Map of Teachers College to find various classrooms:


The Playbill at Wicked:


Twitter (I know my students are shocked by this):

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2 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?: Non-Fiction Edition

  1. Peter Buckley says:

    hi I’m sorry that i haven’t wrote in a LONG time but here i am! So I’ve been reading 2 great books
    one is called cody unplugged and i like it because he is just like me because he loves TV iPads MacBooks and video games! The other is a book called who was steve jobs? and that

    • Hi P, sounds like two great choices! I like that you are reading one fiction book and one information book. You have a balanced reading life! Can’t wait to see you in August! Keep reading!

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