Something Unexpected

When I go on vacation, I usually load up my Kindle with fiction books to read on the plane and while lying on a beach somewhere. Occasionally, I will also download a city guide or travel book to read up on the location we are visiting. This summer, we planned a big family trip to Hawaii. My husband and I went ten years ago on our honeymoon, and we decided to go back for our anniversary, plus our two boys. In preparation for the trip, I packed swimsuits and shorts, my hat and sunglasses, and downloaded several books from my “To Be Read” (TBR) list to enjoy on the very long plane ride.

Because our flight to Honolulu left out of Newark airport, we decided to spend the day in New York City first, since the boys had never been before. We had lunch at Katz’s Deli and dragged the boys all over the city. They deemed it loud, smelly, and hot. They were most impressed by Central Park, but overall, were not big fans of one of my favorite places. In the afternoon, they decided to check out the hotel pool with my husband, and I stayed in the room for some peace and quiet. Rather than pick up my Kindle to read, a travel magazine on the hotel night table caught my eye, and I picked it up for some light reading.

The magazine had several feature articles about exotic locations, but a short article profiling a Hawaiian chef named Ed Kenney caught my eye. I liked his story of working at some big name restaurants before deciding to open his own in a sleepy little town in Oahu where he lives with his family. Then, after the first restaurant became successful, adding two more.

Without really knowing where these places were in relation to where we were staying, I grabbed my phone and jotted down the names of his restaurants, as well as some of the other restaurants in the area Chef Kenney recommended. When we arrived in Hawaii, I looked up the restaurants again and figured out that the town was close to several sights we wanted to check out on our first day in Honolulu. After a beautiful early morning snorkeling at Hanuma Bay, we drove to Ed Kenney’s casual Kaimuki Superette for a terrific lunch.

“How did you find this place?” my husband asked, surprised at my knowledge of local restaurant gems.

“Oh, I read about it,” I happily replied.

Reading does take you places. I usually plan what I want to read next, but sometimes, reading something unexpected has delicious results.

What have you read lately that helped you, surprised you, or took you somewhere new?

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